Tree & Shrub FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my seedlings last if I don’t plant them right away?

  • Up to 2 weeks in a cool, dark place.
  • After that heel into a trench for up to one growing season.

Should I fertilize my trees?

Yes, slow release tablets work best for young seedlings:

  • 1 tablet per 1/4 ״ stem diameter, placed approximately 2 ״ deep and 3-4 ״ away from seedling
  • or 3-4 oz. of commercial 10-10-10 or 15-15-15 can also be used several inches out from stem.

What far apart should I plant my trees?

Varies with species and intended use:

  • Windbreak or border – 2-4′
  • Christmas trees – 5-7′
  • Large shade trees – 8-16′
  • Evergreen forest plantation – 8-12′
  • Wildlife plantings – random spacing ranging from 4-12′

How long does it take them to reach a certain size?

Depends on species, soils and site conditions.

What should I plant for a windbreak or border?

Depends on site and soil conditions, and if you prefer long or short needles.

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